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Industrial Safety Audits
We do Safety audit for all types of Industrial plants & equipments. A Safety audit shows exactly how an industrial plant measures up to statutory requirements as well as normal safety standard prevalent & practiced in similar industry.
Safety audit  helps  in  
  • creating a benchmark from where company can make its safety plan, if not pre-existing.
  • Ensuring electrical safety
  • Ensuring fire safety
  • Planning of proactive preventive repair & maintenance
  • Avoiding loss of production due to sudden breakdown of plants & equipments
  • Reducing accidents thus avoiding loss of human life.
Our safety auditor will  
  • Examine the Industrial facilities to check & establish their compliance with regard to safety standards set by
    • Client in house safety dept.
    • OEM’s O&M Manuals ,
    • Applicable Indian & international codes
    • Statutory Approval guidelines
  • Run test all equipments & record their performances
  • Scrutinise maintenance log books with regard to O&M Manuals
  • Gather & Record specific experience of operators/ supervisors
Our Comprehensive Safety Audit Report identifies areas where attention is needed.  Our report further explains what, why, When  & where action is needed. Actions needed are classified into three categories:
Must do : essential because the Govt. laws requires it;
Should do : good practice and ought to be addressed by a responsible firm
May do : other enhancements to health, safety that are worth considering
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